Thursday, October 8, 2009

Successful Day But...

I can successfully say I completed 7 uniquely different bags today but at a very high personal 20 month old went to her first day at daycare. I felt sick all morning thinking am I doing the right thing, I am needing more time to make bags but I have a baby.....oh oh oh!!! Anyway time to say goodbye Georgie kissed me and waved goodbye and went and climbed on the slide and left me to walk out to the car with tears streaming down my face!! I remember when my now 7 year old went to her first day and I ran out doing cartwheels, a day to myself!!! But as time goes on and the more kids you have I think you might actually genuinely start to love being a MUM!!!!!!!! My now 5 year old never went to daycare til nearly 3, and it was definately harder to say goodbye then. But I might have to admit Georgie has me wrapped around her little finger! Not to mention she is good company and not a real bother at all, but it did show today how distracting she is in terms of production of denim by deborah handbags! The best part of the day was picking her up and her running to me with open arms. Just priceless and totally unforgetable. A great day after all. Back to the sweatshop. See you Sunday.


  1. What a cute pic there Deborah, yes this little creatures can for sure get their mummy wrapt around little fingers!!!I love your new look and good luck Sunday;)

  2. Deb,
    You sound like me when I took my boy to daycare for the first time, I cried for weeks. It must be nice to get stuff done...Hope you have a great day Sunday..
    Chicuff by Daneve

  3. Thanks for popping in Deb, and for that very generous comment! Nice to hear from you again. If you can make all those fab bags and take care of a family, then I figure you must have plenty of organisational skills yourself!!! lol. My studio only looks that neat in between projects. I think one needs some mess while one is creating and designing. It's the nature of the beast isn't it?
    Have a great day on Sunday! x

  4. awww, that's a gorgeous pic of you both!
    hope it gets easier, I tried to leave my 2 yr old at childcare for a few hours to attend a patchwork course & he cried & cried, I couldn't do it, just too traumatic for ME and definitely very hard to say goodbye. so no childcare for him for the time being.