Sunday, October 30, 2011

Back in the Swing for Christmas

Well today was a lovely welcome back to the market scene at Mummytree Markets at Morningside. It was exciting to be setting up my stall with a few changes for display of the many new denim handbags I have been creating. It was lovely meeting current and new customers of Denim by Deborah and to be in the mix again with all the lovely Mumpreneurs!! I have been able to list all the remaining bags from todays market on my website and will continue now until last week November creating denim designs to meet the demands for Christmas. Next Market is Boutique Market at Portside on Sunday 13th Nov 8 til 1pm, followed by Mathildas Market at Eagle Farm Raceway , Saturday 19th Nov. Who has started their Christmas shopping?!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Designed by Pamela Mary!

A few weeks ago, whilst my mum was staying with us, Pamela Mary potted around (dug through the mess!!) my work room finding pink and greeny toned embellishments for denim by Deborah to make her a new well earnt bag! Mum had found some gorgeous pink recycled plaited handles and decided that the colours of her new bag had to compliment her find. So I left her to it, Mum put all the goodies she found into a bag and instructed me where she had left it, and when I had time she would love a new bag. Mum does a lot of my op shop shopping this day which of course I cannot thank her enough, as time in my life these days is a little stretched as can also be seen by my lack of blogs!! I will have to get mum onto that side of the business too, but not until I put her to work as my new designer!!!! The colours she gathered and the style of embellishments are just gorgeous and the bag came together in 10 minutes as everything just complimented each other.

So Mother, wow well done with your design and can't wait to give it to you. Thank you for all that you do for me. And most of all thank you for being you. x

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Denim by Deborah online shop!!

Very excited to announce that Denim by Deborah has an online shop now.... .

With current bags for sale and a few added pieces of apparel and accessories, I look forward to keeping on adding to my denim products, so keep checking back to see what I have found and what new bags have been created!!

If you love the Market scene, look forward to seeing you at my next market, Mathildas Market 12th March Eagle Farm Raceway! 9am to 1pm.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Denim Uniforms

Guess go back to school next week!!!!!!!! Firstly where does time disappear to? School ended, we went on holidays, we came home for Santa to visit, celebrated the arrival of 2011, started thinking of getting ready for back to school, and now here we are! Did I say the kids go back to school next week?!!!!! They are soooo looking forward to it.....I will miss them greatly. My day will be left to be very dull and quiet! What will I do......

Back to school time got me thinking and wondering if somewhere in the world there was a denim school uniform....I thought surely not, but never say never!! Denim Pinafores!!!

So for all you mums and dads out there that will be as down in the dumps as me that school days are back in town, I hope you all can find something to fill the void of the emptiness and quiet that will fill our homes.......did I mention they go back next week!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Denim Rain Blues

Well if you don't have your Rain boots out now, you must live on a hill!!! Prayers go out to all those who are experiencing life even wetter than what we are ! If I play another game of UNO or scrabble.... but hey its quality time with my beautiful children. The last few days they have even been out in the rain on the trampoline, and remember when the sun came out, we went to the Sunshine coast for a beach day. But when I do actually reach the goal of wearing them out, I have started making denim handbags again!!!!!!

Next Friday offers come out for the Universities, and fingers crossed under the M section will be my name with acceptance into Psychology. So life will be interesting for a while juggling being a mum, wife, good friend, denim by deborah and Uni student. So with this I have had to review my market schedule and applied to Mathildas Market which is 4 times a year, and I got accepted for the 12 March market!! Woohoo!

Also a goal for early 2011 is to create a website to sell my bags from. Although I have been listing my bags on I find it difficult to update the bags with the fantastic turn over I have been experiencing.! So less markets, I need another outlet to sell my bags so there fore will need a website I think!! So if anyone can recommend a business that creates smallish websites for smallish businesses, that would be great to know, love recommendations.

So hope that you too have been able to lay out some goals for 2011, it is so important to have goals! Another goal for the year for me is to understand and handle calmly the behaviour of my beautiful children!! So before bed at night I am reading a book called Tricky Kids by Andrew Fuller. I am finding it hard to put it down! 2011 a massive year of achieving Deborah Maher goals. Best wishes for your New Year....x

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Denim Wishes

Even Santa has a pair of Jeans!!
As Friday quickly approaches, the thought of actually not making bags for a few weeks does not sit well with me, but after a few days of doing not much I am sure I will get used to it.
Denim Handbag making has now been a major part of my everyday life now for a bit over 2 years, there isn't a day that goes past that I don't touch denim in some way!! whether purchasing from the various charity second hand outlets, to cutting, stitching and glueing, Denim is nearly an obsession!! But a fun light hearted one to have.
So for the next few weeks I am going to try to break the mould that I have fallen into and relax and unwind with my family and some friends in the Far North.
To those that check up on me and my blog Many Merry Christmas Wishes to you and I hope that Santa finds you wherever you are hiding over the festive season. Surround your self with love and laughter, and children if you can, let them bring the child out in all of us!!
Catch you all again in the New Year 2011