Saturday, January 8, 2011

Denim Rain Blues

Well if you don't have your Rain boots out now, you must live on a hill!!! Prayers go out to all those who are experiencing life even wetter than what we are ! If I play another game of UNO or scrabble.... but hey its quality time with my beautiful children. The last few days they have even been out in the rain on the trampoline, and remember when the sun came out, we went to the Sunshine coast for a beach day. But when I do actually reach the goal of wearing them out, I have started making denim handbags again!!!!!!

Next Friday offers come out for the Universities, and fingers crossed under the M section will be my name with acceptance into Psychology. So life will be interesting for a while juggling being a mum, wife, good friend, denim by deborah and Uni student. So with this I have had to review my market schedule and applied to Mathildas Market which is 4 times a year, and I got accepted for the 12 March market!! Woohoo!

Also a goal for early 2011 is to create a website to sell my bags from. Although I have been listing my bags on I find it difficult to update the bags with the fantastic turn over I have been experiencing.! So less markets, I need another outlet to sell my bags so there fore will need a website I think!! So if anyone can recommend a business that creates smallish websites for smallish businesses, that would be great to know, love recommendations.

So hope that you too have been able to lay out some goals for 2011, it is so important to have goals! Another goal for the year for me is to understand and handle calmly the behaviour of my beautiful children!! So before bed at night I am reading a book called Tricky Kids by Andrew Fuller. I am finding it hard to put it down! 2011 a massive year of achieving Deborah Maher goals. Best wishes for your New Year....x

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