Friday, October 30, 2009

Time Flies.....

Countryside outside and just so dry!

Boutique Ladies at Mummy's Wish Fundraiser at Onyx.....and a man!

Myself and Rachael from Boutique Markets after a
few 'Flirtini's' which went down just way too fast!

Where has this week gone? After a visit last weekend to a fete at the red soil country town of Kingaroy, I returned to Brisbane for a busy week of social interaction with a few Cancer Fundraisers to attend (Breast Cancer Morning Tea and Mummy's Wish)and a Black Tie event (Cricketers Club celebrating 50 years of being established) so much fun catch up with people you don't get to chat to often enough and to get dressed up and pull out the bling for great causes. But it means the sewing machine and glue gun were not turned on often enough and with Xmas orders to fill and the up and coming Boutique Market at Portside next weekend, 8th Nov, there is no better time than the present to get off blogging and go make some creations!! I have an 18th to go to tonight and am celebrating Holloween for the first time ever Sat night, don't know who will enjoy trick a treating more, myself or the kids! Sunday I am endeavouring to visit Mathilda's Market at City Hall, busy busy busy. Its that time of year.....

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  1. NIce to see your post Deb...Looks like you have had a busy couple of weeks and a few busy ones to come.
    Eat your vegies K?