Saturday, February 13, 2010

Restocked....and had to purchase!

I finally made it to Handmade Heaven on Thursday to restock my denim handbags. It was lovely to see Liesa and the shop in all its changed glory with the clothes area now and of course the door thru to Di's lovely cupcakes. Liesa and I of course had to have a coffee, cupcake and natter which made for a delightful morning
I was also greeted with a surprise from Miriam at Bubba Chenille with little chenille pants that I enquired about for my 2 year old but then did nothing more than enquire. She had made them for miss G in a size 2, so gorgeous and just a must have.

When I was brother and I collected all the smurfs we could from the BP Petrol Station back in them days. My brother Craig has just had his second little man Luke who is of course getting very spoilt with gifts and cuddles etc so when I seen these smurf PJ's I had to buy them for Matthew my eldest nephew, maybe Craig will drag out the smurfs from his hiding spot (yes he kept them all) for him to play with

Sign off for now, off to Physio!

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