Monday, February 8, 2010


Unfortunately my creative side has had to take an unexpected break. Well the truth is I knew this was coming but did nothing about it. Way back in Oct I started getting pain in my wrist and my fingers in my right hand but just thought it was arthritis!!!! I have done nothing until last week about the pain, so hence everything I do now, even just driving the car -hand on steering wheel and turning- hurts. Opening jars, changing baby bottoms (hopefully soon to be toilet trained!!!) etc etc. Diagnosis - chop it off!! At the moment I wish but just Tendonitis (they did say some other word but too big and hard to spell!) so Tendonitis will do. So instead of ignoring warning signs, deal with health things early and maybe they can be fixed easier. I have been told this problem will not go away if I keep over working the tendons. Easier said than done when you love what you make and love the time spent making them. See how I go. Drop to one bag a day!!??

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  1. I hope your hand/wrist gets better real fast Debra, so you can keep doing what you love. I've had a sore shoulder and finally saw the doctor today. Caught it in time (I hope)before any calcification formed.