Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ladder restocked!

Had a lovely drive out to Ipswich today with Lisa from Cute as Buttons to visit Handmade Heaven. The lovely Liesa was having her day off today so unfortunately I didn't get to catch up with her! Lisa had to restock her beautiful towels and washers and I had to fill the ladder up again with all sizes of Denim Handbags. It was a busy morning as we also caught up with Cathy from Peg and Kate as I had to collect my daughter Georgies fairy covered pencil roll. I have previously purchased pencil rolls for my other two delights and Georgie was claiming theirs as hers so all arguments are now diminished, she has her own.

So if you are out Ipswich way and looking for a fashionable denim handbag, there are now plenty to pick from at Handmade Heaven. And don't forget the Handmade Expo this weekend at the Ipswich Turf Club.


  1. WOW ! The ladder looks awesome !

  2. I am so sad that I missed you girls yesterday...NEXT TIME for sure. Thanks for restocking and will get onto my posts today as well.

  3. Ladder looks great Debra. Was nice to meet the lady who has created such 'denim bag mania' in the shop. It's so much fun working there, amongst all the beautiful things and chatting to clever women such as yourself who create them. Might see you again next time. Kim.