Saturday, September 26, 2009

DIY - after you find out what you should AND SHOULDN'T DO!

Would like to give you guys in blogland some tips on Do It Yourself Projects.

Do not spray paint in a shut enclosed area with no ventilation - yes it does mention this on the tin, which leads to my next tip read the tin label first. Do not spray paint on one of the most dusty and windy days of the year, yes the weather forcast did mention these facts of the day.

When you realise the overspray has gone all over the floor in your enclosed area, don't continue to clean the floor with Mineral Turps without opening all available doors and windows, and you may require a few out of the room experiences to recover from the fumes. You may think at this point that your husband is going to kill you as there is red paint spray covering his bar / sanctum in life floor and the panic that overcomes you leads you to head down bum up cleaning the floor as fast as you can without thinking of any consequence. If you do ignore all this good knowledge and advice you may very well have your husband find you laying on the floor totally off your face high as a kite from Mineral Turps!!! and having to call the ambulance for emergency oxygen to administer to wife who is off her face!

My sons best part of his day this day when asked when he went to bed was seeing the ambulance and fire truck parked out the front of his house!!!

But the stand IS red. But I think it will be the only red stand I have!!


  1. Great tips Deb...but I must say the stand looks FANTASTIC..cannot wait to see it at the markets with your bags adorning it!!!


  2. It did look Fab, Deb. Thanks for a great day on Saturday and for all the TLC. Lisa x