Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Merchandising Consultations

After reading Kerry's blurb on Merchandising Consultations in last months Boutique Buzz, I decided that this was definately an opportunity to fain some guidence with moving forward with my little business. We sometimes need to look outside the square, and even go further and get someone elses opinion. I felt that I was in a little bit of a rut with what to do next with my business name, and visually I felt my market stall was lacking something but I did not know what. Come to the rescue Kerry! Within minutes of starting the consultation and hearing Kerry's thoughts, the introduction of a new colour was installed into my marquee (secret!) and my name 'Fabricated' was left behind. I am now 'denim by deborah'. I had been toying with a name change for quite some time but had not convinced myself that I had found the right one. I was looking for something customers could easily remember and stood for what I create. So I hope you love my new name ' denim by deborah' as much as I do and look forward to showing off my new marquee flair, all found by engaging in a Merchandising Consultation with Kerry from Boutique Markets - next market 11th October Portside Hamilton. I would definately recommend utilising this Boutique service and hope you find the change you are looking for too.

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