Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Denim Research

I found this article somewhere.......in the fashion pages of the internet!!! I would definately quote the source if I could find where I got it from.........but just thought it could be useful to others as it was to me!! Bring back my butt, tummy and legs from pre-children!!!!

Question - I have been looking for the perfect pair of jeans that is flattering and comfortable to wear for what seems like a lifetime. Is there a brand out there that you would recommend I invest in to suit a late 30ish! lady that is prone for the dreaded 'muffin top'?
Answer - jeans are generally the most baffling purchase for may women. With so many styles out there just walking into a store can be overwhelming, let alone going through the motions of trying multiple pairs to find the perfect fit!
Many styles out there are aimed at the young and hip-less and skinny-leg, low-riding jeans rarely look good on anyone out of their teens so its best to steer clear. A pair of jeans new to the market, Tummy Tuck jeans, are worth giving a go. These jeans combine a classic jeans style with shape wear technology, they suck you in and hold you up in all the right places, just like shapewear undergarments like Nancy Ganz briefs - but without the bulk. Tummy Tuck jeans will definitely get rid of that 'muffin top' and give you the confidence to wear your jeans with form-fitting tops. Tummy Tuck jeans retail from $229. call (02) 83381900 for more details.
Carla Zampatti has been designing since 1965 and knows what styles flatter the female form, her range of jeans have a slightly higher waistband to get rid of any unfortunate 'overhang'. Snap up a pair of dark denim straight leg jeans in a forgiving stretch fabric, a timeless chic style much like the lady that designs them. Carla Zampatti jeans retail from $299 call (02)92609700 for more details.
American companies seem to have denim down to a fine art. Pink Zebra stores stock a wide range of American denim labels, including Paige, True Religion, J Brand, 7 for All Mankind which all have fantastic reputations, a huge celebrity following, fashion forward styles as well as traditional fits. Paige jeans are designed by a woman, for women. When Paige is taken on photo shoots for 'real' women this brand always gets the best response for their great fit and flattering style.
For a one stop denim shop Just Jeans is the place to go to find that perfect fit. Housed in Just Jeans stores are their house brand, Luck Brand, Riders by Lee, Levi's White(exclusive to Just Jeans) and Levi's. Lucky Brand are aimed at a slightly older market, their fits take into consideration your curves and moulds to the body like a glove. The have styles with a higher waist band and clean sophisticated washes and with an in-house alteration service they can guarantee a perfect fit! Prices starting from $79.95.
Hope you enjoyed the read and that is was at least a little bit helpful!!

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  1. Hey Deborah! Love your blog. I can't help but comment on this post. So I work at the Gap, and I have always been the guy to ask about womens denim. I just love womens jeans, and finding the right fit. Not to be the billboard of Gap but I do know of a fit that might be of some assistance. If the woman who posed the question is a tall fit, then a great pair might be the long and lean from Gap. No they're not made only for long and lean women but instead, have a high waistband and a medium rise to give you the look and feel of long and lean while fitting tall as well as petite. They retail around 69.95 depending on how you shop. Another great fit is the perfect boot. The perfect boot has a nice fit cut to feel curvy and look straight with a medium flare. Again these also have the extra wide/tall waistband to take care of the muffin top without going mom jean. Both fits are very good with hold, meaning they don't feel like you're in a hipster falling off the hips. I would advise to atleast check them out. The problem with denim and women in my opinion is the whole process is very overwhelming. It feels that way for men sometimes too. How are you ever going to find the perfect pair if you don't use the process of elimination. Just keep in mind someone out there is making jeans and if you dont find the pair you're looking for someone is going to want to make them and sell them. xoxo Grey
    oh & p.s. I used to make my own jeans for 2 years because I couldn't find a fit I could stand so I do understand the frustration