Wednesday, October 14, 2009

On this day a year ago.....

This is where I am at at the moment....
and this is how I started my creative journey.

On this day a year ago I cleaned out my husbands wardrobe of many clothes that he had not worn for quite some time and of course in the clearance were pairs of jeans. There was a pair of French Connection ones that caught my eye for the colour and detail and were in great condition so I thought 'what can I do with these' and for some unknown reason I decided to cut the legs off and sew them shut and use cardboard in the base to create a bottom! Little did I know but this was the start of something that has definately changed my year and my life!

Sounds extreme to say but from making the bag for myself lead to me making one for my mum, my sister in laws, and friends. I had already started trading at Designer Emporium Markets at Everton Park only for a month with Scrapbooks, memory boards, and photo albums so already had an outlet where I could try to sell the denim bags. And here I am today with a fun hobby of creating bags out of recycled jeans.

At the time I thought I was a jeanious!!!! until I googled denim jean bags and found that there were many talented creative ladies out there already doing it but more so in America. I have found various way of making them but not like DENIM BY DEBORAH!!!!!

So with talking about my anniversary I would like some inspiration. Is there anyone out there that has any suggestions or ideas about my bags? I am in the process of learning to put zips in...horrible job....and also have magnetic clips etc for fastening the bags. Sometimes it is great to look outside the square, look at what I do from another perspective so in saying that there is a denim by deborah bag up for grabs. The winner with the suggestion/idea that I can utilise or take on board will be able to come to Boutique Markets Portside or Handmade Expo and pick their own bag. I so look forward to hearing any views and can't wait for someone else to own and wear a denim by deborah handbag. I will announce winner before the next Boutique Market on the 8th November.


  1. Hi Deb
    What a fabulous exciting to see you BEFORE and NOW!

    I have an idea for you.
    What about a blank denim bag....then....have some "things" available on your table for people to add to it...Might be a bit complicated...but it was a random thought that came to my mind. I know with my bag, I add to it and I also put all my wonderful brooches that I am not wearing on the bag so they are not sitting at home in a draw...
    Just wanted to share that.
    I would love to win a bag. A lady can not have too many Deb Mahr's...LOL

  2. Hey Deb. Happy Denimversary. I had a similar idea to Liesa's but I was thinking perhaps you could sell additional belts/handles so people could swap them around. I also think a little Denim by Deborah label would look cute on the bag or lining. Magnetic clips are a good idea and I also think the keyrings and brooches are great. I wonder if you could go further than bags? Maybe some preloved denim clothes that have had the Deb treatment. You are such a clever cookie! Are you in Ipswich on Saturday? Lisa x

  3. Here's an Idea for you, what about you design a Denim Line that I can market as a Denim by Deborah design through Peg and Kate. I'd be happy to run a line inspired by you. We could do limited edition rolls, lunchbags and chairbags. If you like the idea, send me an email and we can talk.