Friday, April 2, 2010

Denim by You finally completed!

As mentioned previously , I launched my new concept of Denim by You at the Boutique Markets in March. And can very proudly say that I had 3 creative ladies visit my marquee and take on the challenge of designing their own denim handbag. It was very enjoyable watching their minds tick over and create their master pieces, and I was very excited about the opportunity to go home and put them together for the ladies. But.....when it came to actually cutting into the jeans they selected and starting the project....I found myself very nervous!! I have now made over 500 Denim by Deborah handbags so think that I well and truly know what I am doing these days, but to be making a bag for someone else who has designed it was a different experience. So I spent the rest of the month of March avoiding starting the Denim by You projects... how long can you avoid a job when you have to have them ready by the next market, 11th of April.
So I bit the bullet and started....and once I stopped thinking about what I was doing and let it all happen, the master piece came together beautifully. I hope Joanne thinks so too.
Hope the easter bunny finds you all wherever you may be spending the easter weekend, and look forward to seeing you at Boutique Markets at Portside 2nd Sunday of April.

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  1. Isn't that funny ! A different sort of pressure. Amazing really how our minds play tricks on us isn't it ? No different really to you just making it to sell at a market or to put into a shop.