Friday, April 16, 2010

Request brings a smile

My turning 8 year old has only shown interest in my bag making since before Christmas. She was deeply embarassed when I wrapped up Denim by Deborah handbags for previous birthday parties. "I don't want to give my friends something you have MADE"!! And after th 5th time giving a little denim bag as a present and seeing how much they loved them, she was then happy to do so!! And now even uses one herself! Miss Lily is off to a birthday party this afternoon for Isabella and came to me on Wednesday and requested I make Isabella a denim bag for her birthday. I just smiled and said that I would love to make her one. As she walked away I said thank you to her for asking me to MAKE her friend something special. She replied "Isabella is very lucky"! Don't you love your children.


  1. That's a bit of a milestone! Nice bag, too. Lisa x

  2. Your family are very lucky also, your a fabulous person and so very talented. I love your creations. I love your new concept and think it will really take off. I finished the fairy roll the other day and have packed it up ready for May BM. See you there.

  3. Gorgeous bag, little girls are so funny arnt they. I love denim too.

    Susie from
    I Just Love That Fabric