Thursday, April 29, 2010

What do we think of Cord Handbags!

Come across this pair of cords, threw them to the side dismissing them then grabbed them again with a light bulb moment. And I must say I am not disappointed. The cord handbag recreated perfectly, was actually easier to shape and sew and not to mention lighter than denim!! So I might very well have to go Cord jeans shopping for a few more, maybe a few different colours!


  1. I like the cord bags - love the colours in that one. I have just washed my D by D bag in the machine! Unpinned the accessories and put them in a separate bag and washed them too! Unfortunate accident with a leaking bottle of Pepsi Max. Drying in the sun as I type. How practical is that? Lisa. x

  2. Hi Debra!

    I'm loving the new cord handbag, especially in white! The cord looks great, and is definitely a style to continue and expand on. Very nice!