Saturday, May 8, 2010

Denim by Stacey!

I met Stacey at the last Boutique Markets in April when she took on the challenge of designing her own denim bag. Right from the start I could sense that she had an idea in her head and continued to work at it til it was just right. Then it was my job to put it together.....!! After quite a few emails back and forth, corrections to be made etc, the final product was just lovely. At first I thought the bag was going to be too small (I am a big bag person) but as the bag revealed itself the size was perfect, not too big not too small at all. The jeans were a Gripp brand and the colour of the denim was quite different to what I have had before. Stacey selected one of my favourite fabrics for embellishing a pocket, the colours look great on denim. I was suggesting to Stacey to add more to the bag to finish it but on reflection the bag did not need more, it was embellished perfectly for the size. I was really happy with the final look and more importantly so was Stacey.
I was able to pick up a few tips from Stacey's creation - have some pins at the market so people can actually place embellishments where they want them - have a designing table so creators can lay out their design with jeans etc - take picture at market of what they have designed - have a little basket or container for clients to collect their selected embellishments - don't permanently place the embellishments until final email of pics ok'ed!!
Watch this spot for Denim by Kathryn!


  1. I think you've really done a great job on this one and I love the little flappy insert. Haven't noticed them before. Lisa. x

  2. Oh this is great too...I love seeing what different customers of yours come up with.