Monday, August 9, 2010

Best way to set up??

What a beautiful day is was at the Boutique Markets on Sunday. I must admit the early start was a bit testing with the low temp but after a few trips from car setting up marquee it does not take long to shed a few layers! But...I am left asking what is the best way to show case/ sell my bags? I did try on the weekend having a table across the front of my marquee with bags sitting on the table leaning against one another. This did seem to make more people pick the bags up and try them on their shoulders. I normally use a screen to hang them on but I feel the screen can become too crowded making the bags hard to see. So maybe use the table and the screen? This display concept makes my mind boggle, and maybe I just have to realise that no matter how I display them, if people are after something different like a denim handbag made out of jeans it will catch their eye and they will walk away with one!! But if anyone has an opinion or an idea they would like to pass on, I am all ears!!

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