Monday, August 9, 2010

Chris Palmer - Musician

I have to comment on the musician that was playing at the Boutique Markets on Sunday. His voice was like velvet, wow it was awesome to listen to. It really set the atmosphere and made strolling around the market even more relaxing! His name was Chris Palmer and he played an electric guitar - I think!!!! He was dressed the part, funky black and dark glasses and the entertainment was missed when he took a break. He sang covers but truly in his own style, it just made you listen. So if you are looking for entertainment for a special occasion I can't say enough that you would truly enjoy this man!! Chris Palmer - Musician - 0409613045


  1. Sounds like an all round great day at the markets !

  2. hello, an australian blogger! yay! I'm loving using blogging to connect with clever crafty mums the world over. have followed for you, so please check out my blogs @ and All the best with the business - I like the patchwork flowers... Jane:)